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At the dispensary counter, customers are overwhelmed with product choices. GreenScreens informs customers before they even speak to a budtender. With GreenScreens’ easy-to-use software, you can update store menus, announcements, and daily specials in seconds.

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Your Products. Your Promotions. Your Profit.

Dispensary customers are overwhelmed with products to choose from. GreenScreens helps make these decisions easier for your customer. Our easy to use software also allows you to update product menus, announcements, and promotions in seconds finally.


Build Your Brand Loyalty Through POS Advertising

Reach customers at the moment they’re making a purchasing decision with engaging content that tells a story. With GreenScreens, you can release stunning clips, knowing that your content will target your desired demographics with location-based advertising.

Enhancing retail and medical settings

Every dispensary shopper deserves to feel like they’re in a professional retail setting. Our screens can help modernize their shopping experience, while avoiding any overwhelming or tacky visuals.


Communicating at time of purchase

Dispensary staff are busy people. Our screens help them communicate with waiting customers. Menus can be updated in seconds, with our easy-to-use software. New announcements and daily specials are just a click away. 


Connecting through educational and lifestyle content

Beautiful, professionally-made visual content can reflect the spirit of a brand. Brief clips can summarize the do’s and don’ts of edible consumption. Our content helps consumers understand that dispensary products can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

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The Lucy Interactive Smartbot

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The New Cannabis Retail Experience with Ryan Sterling of GreenScreens

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