The Lucy Interactive Smartbot

The Lucy Interactive Smartbot

The Lucy Interactive Smartbot

On March 27, 2018 GreensScreens™ launched “LucyBot”, an interactive smartbot on their website. The new bot enables the company to communicate with both brands and dispensaries by answering questions and learning through each interaction. GreenScreens™ is excited to have such a progressive plugin on their website.

SWIVL Smartbots

This bot was created by Swivl, a smartbot company that collects data and enables it’s programs to communicate and answer any direct questions. Simply put, the bots that Swivl creates are applications that perform any automated task. A bot can learn natural language, understand context of conversation, dynamically change, and build a relationship over time.

Swivl has developed a better way to visualize the creation and enhancement of conversation-driven content. The system provides everything you need to create engaging multi-channel smartbots. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, the powerful systems will help your business grow.


The LucyBot is the GreenScreens™ smartbot. Lucy is Co-Founder Martin DeFrances Golden Retriever. The company is a strong believer in positive vibes. Having a friendly dog to interact with website traffic creates a comfortable setting for all current/potential clients and website traffic in general.

The initial interaction with Lucy goes as follows:

“Hey there! Welcome to GreenScreens. We are the leading digital screen solution for dispensaries.”

“My name is LucyBot, the GreenScreens’ smartbot. I can answer questions like “How do I get in contact with the team?”

“You can also simply let me know what brings you here today by tapping a button below”

The “buttons below” Lucy is referring to go as follows:

“I want to know more about advertising on your screen network.”

“How do I install GreenScreens at my dispensary?”

“What the heck to do you do?”

As you can see, the LucyBot is a fun, interactive, and effective way to communicate. It saves the company time and allows GreenScreens™ to learn from data and analytics to make GreenScreens™ customer service efficient, effective, and fun! Learn more by staying tuned into our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@greenscreenstv).

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